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We have a large stock of refurbished heaters in stock.


Here is the REAL Information

At our last count there were about 60 different names of Infrared heaters being sold on the market. The reason there are so many, is because a lot of peopleare jumping on the Infrared heater rage.

Anyone can be an IMPORT DISTRIBUTOR. Let's say you want a heater to distribute. You can make contact with several companies in China. They have all kinds to choose from, and they will put any name you want on the heater. You have to commit to buy at least one CONTAINER LOAD of heaters. Next, you find an IMPORT BROKER, and they will arrange to bring the heaters into the USA. Let's say you decide to call your new line of heaters "GOOD HEAT" heater. Now you find different markets to sell your new "GOOD HEAT" heater to. Next year you decide you are not going to do this anymore. What about all the people that purchased this import "GOOD HEATER"? Circuit boards go bad,bulbs burn out, etc...

During the heating season, here at JASPER VAC N' SEW, we get at least one call a day from people that have purchased one of these imports, stating it wont heat. We have to inform them we cant help, due to parts not being available. So if a person needs a heater a year or two, these imports may be for you.

But, if you need a heater that will be with you and heating 10 years from now, then come to JASPER VAC N' SEW, where we only sell heaters that we can get parts for: 



Prices are the same, if not less at JASPER VAC N' SEW, than anywhere else. So why buy an import? Wouldn't make more sense to purchase it from us, where we be here year after year to take care of you?